Más Tarrés Arbequina 500ml, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, DO Siurana

Más Tarrés Arbequina 500ml, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, DO Siurana

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Olis Solé is a family company that, since 1824 has been producing incredible Extra Virgin Olive Oil. While the installations have been meticulously upgraded over the years, the commitment to excellence is the same as it was when oil production began. Situated just outside the village of Mont-roig del Camp, located between the sea and the mountains, this best of both world’s terroir produces incredible EVOO that has won prizes the world over. 

The farm grows Arbequina the indigenous Catalan variety where, many would say, offers the true expression of this incredible variety. Mas Tarrés EVOO is the result of a selection of olives grown by the family in the Tarrés property for over 200 years in Mont-roig del Camp.


"Más Torres is a medium-intense, fruity, green Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with 100% Arbequina olives that is complex and balanced. An EVOO that works with almost any dish"

 Tasting Notes for  Más Tarrés Arbequina

Tomato Leaf
Green Apple
Freshly Cut Grass

    Food Pairing Suggestions for  Más Tarrés Arbequina

    Fish & Shellfish
    Drizzled on Soups and Stews
    Pestos and Sauces


      Olive Variety

      100% Arbequina