Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producers

To source the very best we went right to the heart of the best extra virgin olive oil - Spain

In Spain, the terroir and weather conditions combine to produce extra virgin olive oil with exceptional flavour and properties. We work directly with producers to select the very best. These producers are constantly working to raise the bar and use the most cutting-edge technology to produce exquisite oils that win prizes the world over.
The Olive Oils we select are harvested "early" which means the olives are “greener”. This gives the oil a fresher flavour and, crucially, a higher level of polyphenols (aka the antioxidants that make olive oil such a superfood)

Our producers range from the small-scale mavericks like Juan of Cortijo Espiritiu Santo to the larger Nobleza del Sur a house so obsessed with quality that quite often only 20% of the olives they harvest make it into their top class extra virgin oils. Like fine wines, each of these superb extra virgin olive oils brings a unique aroma and flavour profile to your kitchen and everything you cook.

And of course, all our oils are certified Extra Virgin and fully traceable.

Olives for Extra Virgin Olive Oil