About Sarah

Sarah Merrigan - Sarah & Olive
As a chef, food writer and sustainable food entrepreneur, I have always been passionate about great ingredients, how they are produced and the difference they can make to our health and the food we cook. It sounds like a bit of a cliche but the starting point really is simple - good, well-produced ingredients.
I lived and worked in Spain for many years and during my time as a chef in Barcelona was privileged to learn a lot about what makes good food great. When I discovered the producers of our amazing olive oils I just had to start my business. I had never tasted anything so good.
The olive oil producers we work with are dedicated to producing some of the finest olive oils in the business. These are oils that aren't mass-produced or generic but individual and full of personality.  
I made the switch to olive oil years ago (unusual for an Irish girl who loves her butter!) not just because the health benefits are off the charts but because the flavour is. Green tomatoes, almond, banana, artichoke, quince, apple, fig and even wood are just some of the notes found is these exceptionally well-crafted oils so the sky's the limit when it comes to fun in the kitchen. 

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do,