Assassination Custard Meets Sarah and Olive!!!!

I am so excited to announce this event. Assassination Custard are 2 amazing Irish chefs who recently nabbed the award for Best casual Dining 2019 and they will be preparing a series of dishes inspired by our olive oils. Details on how to book a place are below.

Assassination Custard Meet Sarah & Olive

Thursday 10th October @ Twilight Market  


A bespoke menu will feature 7 experimental dishes - each dish will be inspired by a unique single-estate extra virgin olive oil and complemented by the oil’s distinct set of notes and aromas. 

Known for thrilling customers with their creativity, simple ingredients and no-fuss / down-to-earth approach, Ken & Gwen tend to use extra virgin olive oil or “EVOO” in most of their dishes. This particular “twilight” feast aims to showcase the often-understated versatility of olive oil across a diverse range of exceptional dishes.  Both sweet and savoury. 

Dubliner Sarah was so inspired by EVOO and it’s potential whilst working as a chef in Barcelona that she decided to bring some of the finest, award-winning oils back home to Ireland. Her range of oils are all small batch and single-estate from producers in Andalucia. Sarah will be on-hand to guide guests through the characteristics and tasting notes of the oils while Ken & Gwen will chat about the inspiration behind their culinary originality and magic. Places are limited, so to secure a spot, please email:

Great food, great flavour  and great conversation are guaranteed.

HTG Wines will also be on hand to match each dish with a very special wine.

For more details visit: or follow Sarah on Instagram: @sarahskitchen.    

Timings: 6-9pm.

Cost of individual plates: €6 - €8.

Cost of complete tasting menu: €35  (Special sitting at 7.30pm.)

Location: Twilight Market, Honest2Goodness, Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Dublin 11.

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Sarah & Olive is an Irish company working with some of the best olive oil producers in the business. Founder Sarah Merrigan has curated a small but perfectly formed selection of exceptional single estate olive oils. Most are multi-award winners, and some have even won best in the world.

Sarah is a chef, food writer and sustainable food entrepreneur who lived and worked in Spain for years. Through fellow chefs in Spain, she discovered an exceptional group of olive oil producers in Andalucia and learnt that depending on the olive variety, terroir and maker’s vision each olive oil opened up a new world of flavour and possibility in the kitchen. 

Green tomatoes, almond, banana, artichoke, quince, apple, fig and even wood are just some of the notes found in these exceptionally well-crafted oils.

Fun, raucous and irreverent, Assassination Custard have been thrilling customers in its sardine can size lunch-time only premises since 2015.
A simple menu based around a couple of growers and suppliers might be inspired but it’s their sheer stubborn belief in what they do that makes a pilgrimage to A.C. so worthwhile.
Think labneh, piccalilli and smoked anchovy; fava beans and dandelion; ray jowls, fermented lime and yoghurt; goat kidneys and curry leaf aioli.
Go early. Go often.


The Twilight market, Glasnevin is the latest food venture by  Brid Carter of Honest to Goodness - the Dublin food market where countless great Irish food businesses have been launched. Industrial yet intimate, this space is perfect for the casual atmosphere that both Sarah & Olive and Assassination Custard favour.