Summer 2024 Offer

Summer 2024 Offer

€40,00 EUR €46,00 EUR

All your Summer dressing, drizzling and sizzling sorted!

Two of our fav EVOOs and our new best-selling 7 year aged Balsamic at a great price

Nobleza del Sur 1640 Picual – lots of flavour, brings out the best in any tomato dish from salads to pastas, great for drizzling and with charcurterie boards. Picual is also fantastic for frying.

"Nobleza del Sur's Tradición 1640 Picual extra virgin olive oil is a so beautifully balanced and elegant with that sensational peppery finish you'd expect from a Picual."  

Nobleza del Sur 1640 Arbequina – more delicate so brilliant with leafy salads, fish dishes, drizzled on labneh, yougurt and vanilla ice-cream

"Nobleza del Sur's Tradición 1640 Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is a beautiful balance of sweet, bitter and spicy notes."  

Más Tarres Balsamic Vinegar – the vinegar you’ll be putting on everything this summer.

"Más Torres Balsamic Vinegar is aged for 7 years in oak barrels and offers the perfect balance of sweet and sour notes"