Why I write about food

Why I write about food

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Why I write about food

I write about food because I think about food. All the time. I'm also bossy and have very strong feelings about what goes on in the kitchen. Years ago, I ran an organic fruit & veg box scheme business here in Dublin and I started a newsletter (that became a blog) so my customers would know what to do with all the funny misshapen veggies I was bringing them each week. It soon became one of my favourite parts of running the business (not least because it was a respite from the dreaded paperwork). It started a conversation with other food lovers that has continued for years.

This blog is going to be the place where I talk about olive oil. Recipes mainly, but I think I'll also use it to look into all the research on the incredible health benefits of olive oil as well as some general olive oil chat. We'll see. Mostly it's about getting back to recipe creation (ie bossing people around about food) and, hopefully, taking some nice pics. For the first few posts I worked with the amazing photographer Caroline Murray so the standard will be off the charts - so good in fact that I'm worried about it falling off a cliff when I start taking the pictures myself!!!

I also want to spread the word about how amazing olive oil is. I live in Dublin where most people eat a lot of butter. I eat butter too (of course I do!) but I use olive oil way more. It's so versatile and there are so many types that I never get bored. It makes almost everything taste better. That's why it's the linchpin of so many of my favourite foods.

As always, I'll be cooking with what's around and in season and most recipes will be simple with as little faff as possible. I'll be starting tomorrow and talking about what olive oil does to tomatoes (hint: something amazing) and the photos will be  stunning (thanks Caroline) so do come back



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